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Mahboob Morshed
Chairman of the Company
The business development can’t be parted from the people and from the construction of talent group. Today’s business competition is in fact the competition of the gifted people. The qualified people are the very core competitive power of the enterprise growth and expansion. It is indeed the key factor for the corporation to keep on the development.
Queens Lift and Automation Ltd. regards the employees as the most precious assets of the company. It appreciates that the innovative spirits, the technological level, the work ability, the collective co-operative consciousness mostly guarantee the company’s taking part in the market competition. It leaves no stone unturned to create the opportunities, introduce and foster various technical and managing talents. At present Queens Lift and Automation Ltd possesses a group of the powerful engineering contingent with the capable product O&M abilities, the technical workers with the rich experience, the senior administrating and managing level with the proficient knowledge in the respective areas.

Anila Morshed
Director of the Board
Queens People are firmly convinced that only the deep comprehension of the customers’ needs and trying everything possible to satisfy the clients’ demands can get the persistent development and the matured premise and foundation. Therefore Queen’s Lift and Automation Ltd company and all the staffs are equipped with the highest work efficiency, the quickest responsive time, the most prompt site support, the most complete parts supply to comprehensively optimize the customers’ requirements from the product delivery, the purchase price, the quality etc. Queens Lift and Automation Ltd. is sure to be your most ideal partner!
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