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Elevator daily maintenance

Our 12-month quality guarantee begins after the elevator has been installed and inspected by our clients. During our guarantee period, we will send our maintenance specialists to maintain the elevator on site .The maintenance cycle will be controlled on a monthly basis. Our maintenance specialist will submit an elevator maintenance report every three months to our clients, We will fully follow clients' arrangements if special requirements for maintenance schedule are as ked, Should any problems occur during the guarantee period; our company specialist will solve them within 24 hours from the moment of notification, Before the due of the quality guarantee, we will thoroughly inspect and test the elevator free of charge for our clients and resolve existing problems if any. During our guarantee period, clients can contact us via our 24-hour hotline.

Sign the maintenance and repair contract with our clients

After signing the contract with our clients, we will send our specialists to repair and maintain the elevator on site, on a regular basis of every 30 days, we respect our clients' arrangements if they have any special requirements is terms of repair and maintenance schedule. Our clients can call our 24-hour hotline for emergency service. We provide a thorough inspection annually free of charge, and will repair the elevator at the most favorable price if needed.

Supply of spare parts

Within our quality guarantee period

We will freely replace any broken spare parts which go wrong during normal operation for our clients, We will also supply some spare parts on site for replacement during daily maintenance.

After the quality guarantee period is due

The replacement parts should ensure the consistent, sage and efficient operation of the elevator, After signing the repair and maintenance contract, the spare parts will be supplied to our clients at the most favorable price, We also offer some replacement parts for daily maintenance.

Technical training

We will send our maintenance specialists on site to train two members of personnel free of charge for our clients.

The work done by the user and installation contractor


All shaft construction should conform to fireproof standards, No other power supply and devices unrelated to the elevator should be installed in the shaft.

The shaft shall be vertical. The shaft horizontal size is the shaft smallest clear size.

Shaft height < 30m. Tolerance: 0~+25mm
Shaft height < 60m. Tolerance: 0~+35mm
Shaft height < 90m. Tolerance: 0~+50mm

A concrete shaft is preferable. However, if the is built with bricks. A 300 mm concrete round beam will be needed at the place where the rail bracket is installed, A 300mm concrete beam should also be placed on the top and bottom edge of the door space. The beam width should the same as the shaft with.

The pit inside should be waterproof. If there is a water pit. it should be located in the comer of the wall with a device to discharge water.

In case the distance berween two neighboring door sills exceed 11 maters, a safety door with a size not smaller than 350mm (width) × 1800mm (height) should be placed between them. The safety door should not open to the shaft.

Before installing the elevator, all landing door spaces need a safety protection cover strong enough in relation to its height and not les than 1.2m.

The space for landing door and hall call dug before installation should be refilled and decorated after installation.

Connect the power supply to the machine room and prepare a switch with a lock. The power fluctuation rande should be + 7%. The wire to the power and the ground should be separated, and the resistance of the wire to the ground be less than 40, all elevators should be equipped with a switch that can cut off all power.

The drawing should clearly show the items to be done and prepared by clients.

The drawing should illustrate all loads except some specially noted. The shaft wall and pit should bear all possible pressure.

The user should set an emergency rescue room with communication wires to the machine room.

The machine room shall have entry for traction machine etc. and repair project.

The elevator operator should entry the machine room easily without any other tools.

The client should offer without any charge, certain elevator spare parts and installation materials , power and construction materials like sand, cement and car polite.

Ensure a clear transportation route to transport the elevator sprat and provide necessary devices like loading and unloading devices and lifting devices.

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